About us

The Business

Fly Co is an environmentally friendly and economical pest control service which specialises in the treatment of flies, spiders and mozzies.

As a family owned and operated business established in 1992, we are passionate about providing great service to our regional customers.

Fly Co is sensitive to the needs of your family, business, livestock, pets and the environment. Our products are safe and we take pride in offering our effective pest control solutions — without the use of harmful toxins.

Call 1800 008 420 for a free quote, or contact us by email and we will be happy to help.

Our Technicians

Fly Co Technicians are fully licensed with the Department of Health’s Pest Control Program and undergo regular training updates. We engage local contractors to service their own areas; people who know their clients, their product and the best ways to help you get the most out of your pest control. They apply a fine mist of Pyrethroid spray (via a backpack) to surfaces that get regular insect traffic. Our Technicians are very professional, they’re a friendly lot of blokes who enjoy their job.

Our Office Crew

Mother and daughter team, Adele & Clarissa, can give you an approximate quote over the phone. They are happy to have a chat and can answer any questions you have and arrange the best time to have your treatment completed.

The Product

Our product is less toxic than salt and caffeine and, at labelled rates, the potential for exposure is extremely low. The product we use is a Pyreithroid. Pyreithroids are derived from the Chrysanthemum daisy Pyreithrum. Like all chemical compounds, it is a question of dose. Many compounds which we are exposed to every day are potentially toxic (eg. caffeine and salt) but the doses we are exposed to are low enough for them not to be.

What we’re good at

Flies, Mosquitoes and Spiders are our specialty. Once an insect comes into contact with a treated surface they get a dose of the product and die shortly after wards. Spiders don’t become aggressive after a treatment but the larger the insect, the longer it takes to die.

Our treatment is also effective on millipedes, earwigs and cockroaches.

Us interrupting your business

We are happy to fit in with your schedule, whether it’s 5am or 10pm. You will need to vacate the premises while spraying is in progress and for half an hour afterwards.
Our aim is minimal disruption to your business.

Our pricing

Our Office Girls and Technicians are able to give you an approximate quotation on the phone, we charge $155, then $15 per litre after that, ($150 usually treats an average 3 bedroom home) Businesses are charged out at the same rate, we only charge you for the amount of product used. We also group our bookings and don’t charge for travel or labour.

We also offer a discount if you pay on the day. If we need to send an invoice or payment is not received on the day a $15 book-keeping fee is incurred.

A bit more stuff

  • Material Safety Data Sheets are provided to business’
  • It’s important to recognise the product is NOT a repellent, insects die after contact with a treated surface
  • This product is quick and easy to apply. An average home- business takes approx. 15-30 minutes to treat
  • You only pay for the amount of product used, GST is already included, there are no hidden costs
  • No traveling costs are charged. We group our bookings

Our feedback

Customer service is really important to us so we really appreciate it when our clients take the time to let us know how please they are with their treatment.

‘I've used you for five years and am very happy with it’ - Lyn B

‘Very good service and a good job, we have used Fly Co for 13-14 years.’ - Kevin & Veronica K

‘I have always been happy with Fly Co, good value for money, reliable, great service, I know the product works well.’
- Alysha M

‘Prompt, efficient service and nice people to deal with.’ - Tracey EY